Remote Customer Service

Tap into a support center that can be there for your customers 24/7/365 with customer service call center outsourcing.

Improve Customer Care With Outsourced Customer Service

Increase customer satisfaction and save up to 40% on labor costs when you work with Remote Employee.

Why choose Remote Employee for customer service outsourcing?

  • Make your customers happier with trained customer support outsourcing services ready to help troubleshoot and get issues settled.
  • Maintain control of your team, even when you outsource—your new team members act as an extension of your company, providing the same high-quality service.
  • Add the customer service resources you need to handle calls at scale with remote customer service agents.
  • Reduce the cost of customer service with one of the world’s top customer service outsourcing companies, staffed with English-fluent, hardworking team members.
  • Track customer interactions and solutions with support ticket software to better improve future exchanges with your team.
  • Increase average customer spend with dedicated remote customer service positions, available 24/7 to settle issues and guarantee customer satisfaction.

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How Customer Service Outsourcing Helps Clients

The Power of Customer Service Outsourcing

Phone & Product Support

Keep customer service polite and personable with phone support, delivered in a neutral accent when you work with Remote Employee for e-commerce customer service outsourcing.

Recruiting, Training, and Staffing

Maintain high ROI for your customer service outsourcing pricing when you vet and only hire the highest quality candidates—thanks to Remote Employee’s built-in candidate checks.

Market Research

Learn the ins and outs of your market, and equip your team with leading customer retention practices when you rely on one of the leading companies in outsourcing customer service.

Online Chat

If you’re in need of competitive e-commerce customer service outsourcing, our agents are available for live chats 24/7.

Issue Resolution

Trust your business’s reputation to a team at the best customer service outsourcing companies for e-commerce, services, support, and more.


Gather and execute on all actionable customer service data with our customer service outsourcing e-commerce reporting services.

CRM Management

Let us handle the management of your CRM platform—your team will focus on delivering the best in customer service.

Customer Experience

Ensure optimal customer care with a reliable and proven e-commerce customer service outsourcing contact center—able to solve problems from technical issues to simple problems.

Market Research

Benefit from there than just remote customer service representatives; get market research that provides insights and helps lower customer attrition.

Clients Trust Us for Customer Service Remote Support

Our Customer Service Representative Remote


Customer retention rate


Reduction in labor costs

50 Years

Founders’ combined experience

Reduce Customer Service Outsourcing Costs Over 40% Without Losing Quality

Remote Employee cuts the cost of outsourcing customer service while guaranteeing the best in customer satisfaction.

Our Remote Work Customer Services

Remote Customer Service

Work With a Customer Service Outsourcing Company That Does It All

Easily manage your entire customer service operation so you can get back to doing what you do best—growing your business.

When you choose Remote Employee for your customer service outsourcing company you get:

  • Market research
  • Phone support
  • Customer retention
  • Chat and SMS services
  • And more

Don’t entrust your customers’ satisfaction to a firm that will provide just the basics; work with one of the leading outsourced call centers providing a wide variety of services.

Outsourced Customer Service

Outsource Your Customer Service Needs to a Tech-Savvy Provider

Safeguard customer data when you work with the unique, leading BPO with services including:

  • Compliance
  • Cyber security
  • Platform integrations
  • Task tracking
  • And more

Get the most out of your remote customer service positions and small business customer service outsourcing with Remote Employee.

Customer Service Outsourcing

Upgrade Customer Experiences With Knowledgeable Team Members

With a 97% customer retention rate, we know a thing or two about the importance of customer service. That’s why your team members are equipped with e-commerce knowledge and how business models work.

Provide the service your customers deserve—all without breaking the bank.

Work with friendly, intelligent, articulate customer service reps ready to provide support with the latest in service technology.

Scale customer service seamlessly with a BPO team as informed and trained as your own in-house staff.

Hire the best customer service team in the Philippines—all without any of the stress. We’ve got you covered.

Your remote customer service is ready to help.