Remote Customer Service

Reduce costs while improving customer satisfaction by building your customer support team in the Philippines.

Tired of the Churn in Your Customer Support Team?

Save thousands and improve customer care when you work with qualified, passionate professionals in the Philippines.

Build your offshore customer support team with Remote Employee to:

  • Reduce customer support payroll by 50-70%, enjoy transparent pricing, and maintain direct oversight over your labor costs.
  • Ensure positive customer experiences with qualified, talented customer support professionals who speak accent-neutral English.
  • Scale up or scale down your operations effortlessly, provide customer support 24/7, and make sure you’re not wasting money on excess payroll.
  • Tired of the unending churn in your customer service team? Hire passionate individuals who actually care about your business and customers.
  • Integrate your offshore team seamlessly into existing infrastructure. Our team works from Class A office spaces and uses the latest cutting-edge technologies.

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The Recommended Customer Service Outsourcing Company

Unlock the Benefits of Customer Service Outsourcing

End Hiring Frustrations

Tired of the endless turnover in your customer support team? Choose from pre-vetted, qualified candidates who fit your business’s needs.

Comprehensive Support

Outsource some or all of your customer support, including omnichannel support, customer complaint resolution, technical support and CRM management.

Zero Language Barriers

Ensure positive customer experiences with a team that speaks fluent, accent-neutral, English, and blends seamlessly into your business.

Cost-Effective Talent

Save up to 70% compared to the cost of onshore hires when you offshore staffing to the Philippines…just like the biggest ecommerce, technology, and financial services companies do.

Retain Control

It’s your staff and you’re in control. Interview candidates, provide the same training you do onshore, set goals, and manage employees like you do with in-house staff.

Build a Scalable Team

Navigate seasonal demands and your business’s growth needs with none of the baggage of payroll. Scale up or scale down your team at short notice.

Get 24/7 Support Affordably

Gain a competitive advantage and raise customer satisfaction by providing 24/7 support at a price you can afford. Outsource your entire team or add an overnight desk…it’s your choice.

Integrate Teams

No IT hassles, no additional tools. Your offshore team will use the same CRM and phone systems you do. Our experts will help integrate your systems for seamless operations.

1, 2, 3…Go!

Deploy your team in record time. Just jump on a call, interview candidates, and elevate your customer support. We’ve already taken care of all the red tape, taxes, recruitment costs, and benefits.

Clients Trust Us for Outsourced Customer Support

Work With an Award-Winning Partner

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Customer retention rate

Stop Spinning Your Wheels

End the cycle of recruiting, training and losing customer service reps.

Our Outsourced Customer Services

Remote Customer Service

Work With One of the Leading Outsourcing Customer Service Companies

Up to 70% lower costs, access to talented staff, and happier customers…it’s that simple.

Work with passionate professionals who take pride in their work and are committed to keeping your customers happy. Hire qualified, experienced individuals at a fraction of the cost of an onshore employee.

Our customer service professionals are fluent English speakers and bring awareness of American culture. Enjoy natural communication and ensure friction-free experiences for your customers.

Outsourced Customer Service

Elevate Customer Service Without Escalating Costs

Hire from a vetted pool of recommended candidates bringing skills in technical support, email support, multi- and omnichannel support, CRM systems, inbound sales, and more.

Junior Support:

  • Responsibilities: Assists with customer complaint resolution, request processing, social media chat, phone and email support
  • Skills: Over two years working in customer service, 70+ WPM typing speed
  • Specialization: Identifying and addressing customers’ pain points

Intermediate Support:

  • Responsibilities: Assists with CRM database management, customer order and application support, phone and technical support
  • Skills: Two to four years working in customer service, expert product knowledge
  • Specialization: Excellent written and oral English communication skills

Senior Support:

  • Responsibilities: Assists with KPI management, training junior customer service representatives, expert troubleshooting and reports to senior management
  • Skills: Over four years working in customer service, streamlining customer service operations
  • Specialization: Proficient with CRM systems and practices
Customer Service Outsourcing

Industries We Serve

With a 97% customer retention rate, we know a thing or two about the importance of customer service. Provide technical support to a professional clientele or prevent cart abandonment with omnichannel support with Remote Employee.

We are geared to support all industries, including:

  • Healthcare
  • Hospitality & Tourism
  • Information Technology
  • Media & Communications
  • Financial Services & Insurance
  • Real Estate
  • Education
  • Professional Services
  • eCommerce
  • Legal Services
  • Engineering & Construction
  • Data Management

Work with friendly, intelligent, articulate customer service reps ready to provide support with the latest in service technology.

Scale, streamline, save by building your offshore customer service team.

Train your outsourced team just like you would your in-house staff, and ensure the high-quality services your customers have come to expect.

Grow your business by offshoring your customer service needs to the Philippines.

Your remote customer service team is ready to help.