Outsourced eCommerce Customer Service

Elevate Your eCommerce Customer Service

Revolutionize your ecommerce customer service with team members hand-selected by Remote Employee—#3 among the top 40 BPOs.

Why choose Remote Employee for outsource ecommerce customer service?

  • Specialized talent pool: Get access to the best with a thorough selection process that helps you pick leading ecommerce customer service specialists.
  • Custom-tailored solutions: Whether you need entry-level support or experienced customer service pros, we match you with the ideal candidates.
  • Seamless hiring experience: Forget recruitment headaches. We handle everything from screening to onboarding.
  • Professional work environment: Your offshore staff operates in top-tier office spaces, fully equipped with the latest technology.
  • Robust data security: Strict security protocols ensure your data’s confidentiality and integrity are never compromised.

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Why Clients Choose Remote Employee

End-to-End eCommerce Customer Service, Offshore

Maximize Control

Directly shape your team’s training. We recommend team members who are educated, experienced, and aligned with your goals.

Significant Cost Reduction

Save up to 70% on labor costs. Hire premier talent from the Philippines at a fraction of local costs.

Time Efficiency

Prioritize key business activities. Your team manages ecommerce customer service, allowing you to focus on essential business tasks.

Flexible Scalability

Adapt to changing needs effortlessly. We tailor your team size for any project duration or ongoing requirements.

Superior Efficiency

Expect unmatched accuracy and reliability in all work. Our staff excels with the latest tools, ensuring top-quality outcomes.

Broad Talent Network

Access a wide array of skilled ecommerce professionals. Our rigorous selection process ensures high proficiency and accuracy in all work performed.

Lower Turnover Rates

Enjoy lower turnover with one of the industry’s best retention rates. A stable team means consistent quality.

Smooth Team Integration

Integrate new staff smoothly with existing processes. Our tech solutions ensure seamless team expansion.

Hassle-Free Expansion

Expand your team without the bureaucracy. Avoid the paperwork and stress of setting up an overseas office.

How We Help Clients Achieve Hiring Success


Cost reduction compared to onshore hiring


Customer retention rate

Top 10

BPO to work with

Hear Our Candidates Speak English

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Seeking Exceptional eCommerce Customer Service?

Improve customer satisfaction with leading, affordable customer service.

What Sets Our Outsource eCommerce Customer Support Apart?

eCommerce Customer Service

Why Choose Outsourced Customer Service eCommerce Specialists from the Philippines?

We deliver something better. Instead of outsourcing, build your own remote team with vetted, handpicked team members recommended by a top 10 BPO. 

When you choose Remote Employee and team members based in the Philippines, you tap into a workforce steeped in a culture that prioritizes business acumen and customer service excellence.

This is much more ecommerce customer service outsourcing.

Your future ecommerce customer service team is not only tech-savvy but also committed to delivering outstanding, seamless customer interactions.

Our team members are proficient in English, ensuring smooth communication and integration with your business practices.

Moreover, when you hire with Remote Employee, you save up to 70% on labor costs compared to in-house hires.

Ecommerce Customer Service

Discover the Expertise Our Team Members Bring to the Table

Choose the perfect candidates for your roles, ensuring a match with your company’s culture from our pool of skilled, thoroughly vetted professionals.

eCommerce Customer Service Representative:

  • Responsibilities: Manage customer inquiries, process orders, handle returns and exchanges, and provide product information.
  • Skills: Excellent communication, problem-solving abilities, and a customer-first mindset.
  • Software Expertise: CRM platforms, live chat software.

Digital Marketing

  • Responsibilities: Craft and implement digital marketing strategies, oversee online ad campaigns, enhance SEO practices, boost ecommerce site traffic, and elevate brand presence and sales.
  • Skills: Expertise in digital marketing tools, SEO savvy, adept with online ad platforms, strong analytical skills, and capacity to analyze campaign performance.

And much more. 

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eCommerce Customer Service

Excellence in eCommerce Customer Service Begins Here

Collaborate with team members dedicated to elevating your ecommerce customer service.

Leverage a dynamic extension of your team and unlock customer insights that propel your business forward.

Your new team members deliver services that enable you to exceed customer expectations and foster business growth, including:

  • In-depth customer interaction analysis
  • Tailored customer support strategies
  • Action plans for better customer service
  • And much more

As your recruitment partner, we’re committed to elevating your business to new heights.

How Much Can I Save?

In the Philippines, employees get paid an average of 60% – 70% less for the same roles as workers based in the USA.

Find out how much you can save by building your own offshore team with Remote Employee.

How Much Can You Save?
Real Cost per Person
Total Projected Savings
Projected savings are for reference only and vary depending on employee experience and skill level.

Ready to enhance your customer service? We’re here to empower your business growth.

Reduce expenses and join businesses worldwide that select Remote Employee for bolstering their ecommerce customer service teams—achieving high staff retention in the process.
Secure your company’s financial health with reliable offshore customer service staff, available at a significantly lower cost than domestic hires.

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