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Find your A-Team and cut the costs (and hassle) of hiring with Remote Employee as your data entry outsourcing company—with a 97% client satisfaction rate.

Why we’re the obvious choice for outsourcing data entry projects:

  • Save up to 40% on costs when you hire with Remote Employee for data processing—we provide more cost-effective staff members for your team.
  • Free up your team members to focus on value addition and leave high-volume data entry to a team of specialists.
  • Never miss another deadline with our expert data processing team—our staff is accountable and always meets their deadlines.
  • Optimize your workflow with a highly trained data process service team ready to support your business.
  • Cut the legal red tape when you work with Remote Employees—we’ve got your overseas department already started.

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Why Clients Choose Remote Employee as Their Data Entry Outsourcing Company

Comprehensive Outsourced Data Entry Services

Data Entry Projects

Save the effort and expense of maintaining an in-house team by hiring remote staff for short and long term data entry projects.

Data Conversion

Convert large volumes of data accurately with a team well-versed in assisting with platform migrations and digital transformations.

Offline Data Entry

Streamline workflows with a team that expertly converts manual data, such as invoices and insurance claims, into digital records.

Data Cleansing

Keep your records up-to-date, clean, and secure with help from our data cleansing specialists.

Forms Processing

Avoid long wait times with fast, effective form processing services—converting printed forms to electronic records.

PDF Documents

Convert PDFs to desired formats and convert non-PDF files to high-quality PDF documents accurately and dependably.

Data Annotation

Get unstructured data ready for AI and machine learning applications with a team that labels images, documents, audio files, videos, and more.

Insurance Claims

Process insurance claims quickly and error-free with support from one of the top data entry outsourcing companies.

Specialized Data Entry

Compile customer and prospect lists, transfer data between platforms, and do much more with wide ranging data handling support.

Medical Record Transcription

Transcribe audio reports from physicians and other healthcare professionals into text with educated staff reputed for their attention to detail.

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Looking to Expand Your Business With Outsourcing Data Entry Services?

Get cost-effective data processing services, and streamline business operations.

Not Just Data Entry Service Providers, We Are Partners

Outsourcing Data Entry Services

Scale Business Whenever, Wherever You Need

Work with a talented global workforce trained, tested, and ready to work when you hire one of the top data entry outsourcing companies in the USA.

Gain access to a scalable offshore talent pool at considerably lower and competitive rates.

Interview candidates and find the perfect match or team. Employees integrate easily and can be just as efficiently brought up to speed about internal processes, timelines and deliverables.

Easily establish your own offshore division without any of the red tape—we’ve got your offshore department ready to go.

Data Entry Outsourcing Company

Partner With an Offshore Firm Staffed With Specialists

Improve company efficiency when you work with a data entry outsourcing company staffed with data specialists.  We understand your local labor laws, and make it easier than ever to hire offshore specialists.

Get up-to-date, clean records with the help of data personnel you can fully immerse into your organization.

Your team is as fully accountable as your in-house branch—and speaks English just as fluently.

Outsourced Data Entry Services Provider

Why Choose Us?

Save up to 40% on hiring costs when you work with Remote Employee, and avoid the headaches around hiring and staffing your new offshore department.

Empower key staff members to work on more important business, and improve customer service by hiring global team members.

Partner with a growing, profitable business dedicated to helping businesses like yours achieve your growth and profitability goals. We’re ready to help you move forward.

From handling payroll and taxes to providing legal data entry services, we are the one-stop shop for all your data entry outsourcing services. Find affordable, reliable offshore employees fast.

Ready to build your offshoring department? We’re ready to help you scale your business to the next level.

Cut costs and join the enterprises across the globe that trust Remote Employee to build their offshore data entry departments—all while maintaining a high staff retention rate.

Safeguard your business’s financial future with trusted offshore staff available at a fraction of the cost of hiring in the US.

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