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Scale Business Easily When You Build Your Data Entry Team With Remote Employee

Build your team with Remote Employee—we’re rated #4 out of the top 40 BPOs with unparalleled staffing solutions.

Why we’re the obvious choice for building your data entry team:

  • Specialized talent pool: You deserve the best. Our rigorous selection process ensures only top-tier data entry specialists join our team.
  • Custom-tailored solutions: From junior data clerks to experienced specialists, we ensure you’re paired with the perfect candidate for your business.
  • Seamless hiring experience: Say goodbye to the hassles of recruitment. From screening to onboarding, we promise a smooth transition for your new hire, ensuring they’re ready to dive into work from day one.
  • Professional work environment: Our team thrives in Class A office spaces, equipped with the latest technology. This ensures optimal productivity and a professional atmosphere conducive to excellence.
  • Robust data security: Your financial data’s security is our priority. With our stringent security measures, rest assured knowing your data’s confidentiality and integrity are in safe hands.

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Why Clients Choose Remote Employee

Comprehensive Data Services

Retain Control

Train your new staff members the way you want. We’ll provide recommendations for educated, experienced, and goal-oriented specialists who best fit your company.

Cost Savings

Achieve up to 70% in cost savings. Access top-tier talent from the Philippines at a fraction of the local hiring cost, optimizing your financial resources.


Focus on what matters most. Your new team members handle data entry, cleansing, and processing, freeing you to concentrate on core business operations.


Your needs may change, and we’re ready. Whether it’s a short-term project or ongoing needs, we can adjust your staffing needs to meet your business demands.

Enhanced Efficiency

Accuracy and reliability are our hallmarks. Your new staff, proficient in various techniques and tools, deliver impeccable results every time.

Extensive Talent Pool

Unlock access to a diverse range of highly skilled data professionals. Our meticulous selection ensures accuracy and proficiency in every task.

Reduce Rate of Turnover

Reduce your rate of turnover when you work with a BPO with one of the highest staff retention rates in the industry.

Integrate Teams

Seamlessly integrate your new team members with your existing teams and workflow with comprehensive technology solutions.

Eliminate Red Tape

Build your team with none of the stress of bureaucratic red tape and cross-border paperwork needed for an overseas office.

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Looking for Accurate Data Entry?

Get cost-effective data processing staff and streamline business operations.

What Sets Our Data Entry Specialists Apart?

Data Entry Services

Why Build Your Team With Specialists in the Philippines?

When you build your data team in the Philippines, you’re drawing from a talent pool trained in an education system that values business knowledge.

Your future team members are tech savvy and dedicated to providing error-free, clean data.

These specialists are also fluent in English, ready to integrate with the way you do business.

And, you can get all of the above at a fraction of the cost of in-house hires. Your business can save up to 70% on labor costs.

Data Entry Services Company

Discover the Expertise Our Team Members Bring to the Table

Select the best fits for the roles you’re hiring for and business culture fit from our pool of experienced, vetted candidates.

Junior Data Entry Clerk:

  • Responsibilities: Perform basic data entry tasks such as inputting data into spreadsheets, databases, or online platforms, and basic data verification.
  • Skills: Strong attention to detail, basic computer proficiency, familiarity with spreadsheet software.
  • Software Expertise: Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets.

Experienced Data Entry Specialist:

  • Responsibilities: Handle complex data entry tasks, including data cleansing, data formatting, data migration, and data analysis.
  • Skills: Excellent data entry skills, advanced computer proficiency, attention to detail, familiarity with data management software and tools.
  • Software Expertise: Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, database management systems.

Data Quality Assurance Analyst

  • Responsibilities: Perform quality checks on data entries, identify and correct errors, ensure data accuracy and consistency.
  • Skills: Attention to detail, strong analytical skills, knowledge of data quality standards and procedures, familiarity with data quality assurance software and tools.
  • Software Expertise: Data quality management tools, Excel data analysis functions.
Data Entry Services Provider

It All Starts With Clean, Accurate Data Management

Work with team members who help streamline your data management. Tap into a powerful extension of your team and discover the data insights that drive your business.

Your new team members provide solutions that help you make informed decisions and drive growth, including:

  • Comprehensive data analysis
  • Customized data reports
  • Improvement plans for data operations
  • And much more

As your partner in recruitment, we’re here to take your business to the next level.

How Much Can I Save?

In the Philippines, employees get paid an average of 60% – 70% less for the same roles as workers based in the USA.

Find out how much you can save by building your own offshore team with Remote Employee.

How Much Can You Save?
Real Cost per Person
Total Projected Savings
Projected savings are for reference only and vary depending on employee experience and skill level.

Ready to build your dream team? We’re ready to help you scale your business to the next level.

Cut costs and join the enterprises across the globe that choose Remote Employee to help them build their data teams—all while maintaining a high staff retention rate.

Safeguard your business’s financial future with trusted offshore staff available at a fraction of the cost of in-house hires.

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