Outsourced Collections Services

Leverage the power of remote debt collection and debt recovery. Our English-speaking professionals are at your service.

Outsource Your Business’ Debt Collection Services

Debt collection is a long and painstaking process. Collections outsourcing reduces the time and resources you need to get results.

Why choose Remote Employee for outsourced collections?

  • Save money with a BPO that can reduce your debt recoveries costs by up to 70%—without diminishing returns.
  • Make debt collection easier than ever with a professional, English-fluent team and predictive dialer technology.
  • Settle debts faster with vetted and trusted candidates from our roster of experienced professionals.
  • Scale on demand with your outsourcing collections as you stay on top of debt collection.
  • Maintain regulation compliance—we handle all reporting and compliance so you can focus on what matters most.
  • Bypass legal hurdles. Setting up an offshore outsourcing department isn’t easy. With BPO, your new team is ready to go.

It's Time to Get the Money You’re Owed

Why Businesses Trust Remote Employee for Their Collections Outsourcing

Take Advantage of Our Industry-Leading Collections Services

Collections and Debt Recovery

Get end-to-end collections outsourcing, whether you need call center reps, skip tracing, email support, or someone to manage dispute resolutions and payment plans.

Affordable Employees

Stop overspending on competent and capable staff. Our experienced candidates can effectively close delinquent accounts while saving you 50%-70% on labor costs.

Intuitive Technology

Streamline the collections process with intuitive technology. Our user-friendly platform facilitates call routing and remote customer service.

Predictive Dialing

Reach customers more efficiently with the help of predictive dialing technology. This allows us to automate outbound calling, only connecting agents with answered calls.

Data Validation and Tracking

Keeping track of outstanding debts can be tricky and time-consuming. But, thanks to our customer tracking and data validation tools, we always know how to reach your clients.

Credit Reporting

Easily handle every step of the collections process, from outreach to credit reporting. You and your clients will get peace of mind knowing their information is always up-to-date.

English Fluency

Good communication is vital. As English is one of the two official languages in the Philippines, all of our debt collection agents are either native or advanced English speakers.

Instant Scalability

Enjoy the freedom and flexibility of our BPO model. Whether your business needs are increasing or decreasing, scaling your remote collections services is fast and easy.

24/7/365 Customer Service

To make sure your business needs are being met, we operate a round-the-clock customer support line. For any questions or issues, we’re always standing by to help.

Organizations That Depend On Our Outsourced Collection Teams

Remote Employee’s Collections Outsourcing Services, By the Numbers

50 Years

Combined founder BPO experience

Up To 70%

Reduction in labor costs


Customer retention rate

Get the Best-in-Class Debt Collections Services With Remote Employee

Our collections agents combine empathy and persistence to close delinquency accounts—for good.

Transform Your Business With Remote Employee Outsourcing Collections

Outsourcing Collections

Leverage Cost-Effective Collections Outsourcing

Are you looking to reduce overhead without sacrificing operational output? Then consider outsourcing your collections workforce.

Offshore employees, with equal or greater experience, cost substantially less in the Philippines when compared to their US counterparts—often by 50% or more.

Not only will you save on salaries, you’ll also eliminate the costs of employee turnover. Stop the endless cycle of searching, recruiting, and quitting puts both a financial and resource strain on businesses.

At Remote Employee, our low turnover rate means you can count on collection teams to work dependably over the long haul.

back office support service

The Power of Your Own Team in the Philippines

Get the money your company is owed at a fraction of the cost with your own outsourcing team in the Philippines.

Dedicated team members and low turnover take the stress out of finding trustworthy staff—your HR personnel select from our vetted pool of applicants.

New team members bring a wealth of experience even to entry-level jobs. This is thanks to how our candidates have worked in collections outsourcing before.

Communications concerns? No problem. Your offshore team are all fluent in English and accent-neutral.

Outsourced legal collections

Get the Workforce You Need—When You Need It

Save on your workforce cost with fluent English-speaking team members that are more qualified than their American counterparts.

Setting up an offshore outsourcing department is time-consuming, capital-intensive, and riddled with legal obstacles. Not only do you have to find office space and staff to fill it, you also have to bankroll a healthcare and benefits package.

But with Remote Employee, all that is already taken care of. Our process is as simple as selecting and interviewing

Outsourced Collections Services

Where Human Talent Meets Sophisticated Technology

The key to successful collections services is a combination of the right people and the right tech.

That’s why, in addition to experienced professionals, we also provide technological tools to support your business’ collections efforts, including:

  • Data validation and tracking
  • Predictive dialing
  • Credit reporting
  • Outsourced legal collections
  • And more

In other words, our feature-rich platform can help streamline and expedite the collections process.

With functions like AI-based noise cancellation, digital reporting, and call routing software, you’ve got the tech solutions you need to optimize efficiency.

Keep Debt Collection Pain-Free

Keep business running smoothly and bringing in revenue—we’ll focus on getting the money you’re owed.

Discover why Remote Employee is the go-to choice in collections outsourcing for companies in the U.S.—and why our customer retention rate is 97%.

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