4 Best Virtual Assistant Services

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With remote work environments looking to be the new normal (or at least, flexible ones are definitely here to stay), it only makes sense that more and more people are looking to outsource work to competent professionals who can fulfill their roles while also reducing costs. And that’s where the best virtual assistant customer service providers come in.

The most in-demand virtual assistant services are designed to find the perfect match for your business, managing the process from start to finish and ensuring that, in the end, you have qualified and cost-effective support on your team.

But before we present you with the best virtual assistant services package providers, we should first elaborate more on what virtual assistants are – and why businesses choose them.

What Are Virtual Assistants?

A virtual assistant is exactly as it sounds – an assistant that can manage the administrative side of your workflow but who works outside of your office. The important thing to note here is that this is a real-live person you’ll be working with and not an AI or automated service.

Virtual assistants are selected for their experience and proficiencies, often having direct experience in your specific field, including:

  • Virtual medical assistant services
  • Legal virtual assistant services
  • Virtual assistant bookkeeping services
  • Virtual assistant customer service
  • Amazon virtual assistant services
  • Digital marketing virtual assistant
  • Executive virtual assistants

To name just a few.

In other words, if you want to work with someone who has in-depth knowledge of your specific industry and has administrative work experience in that industry, you can get cost-effective help via a virtual assistant services package provider.

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Let’s now dive into how each of the above virtual assistants offer specific types of support tailored to the industry.

Virtual Medical Assistant Services

A virtual medical assistant offers support for professionals in a variety of medical fields.

Your virtual medical assistant can support your clinic with:

  • Entering patient data into your clinic’s database
  • Maintaining the database and records
  • Scheduling appointments and sending reminders to patients
  • Collecting health information over the phone with patients
  • Answering patient questions regarding the clinic, availability, etc.

They will essentially fulfill the role of office manager, without having to be stationed at the office.

Legal Virtual Assistant Services

Legal virtual assistant services are tailored to meet the demands of the legal profession. In this field, your assistant is familiar with legal proceedings and typical law firm processes.

Your legal virtual assistant can support your firm with:

  • Conducting research
  • Scheduling appointments
  • Organizing legal files
  • Preparing legal briefs
  • Performing a variety of paralegal duties (when they have the appropriate training)
  • Contacting and communicating with clients

As mentioned above, they can more or less serve as a paralegal of sorts if you find a virtual assistant with the appropriate level of training and experience.

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Virtual Assistant Bookkeeping Services

Bookkeepers are critical to helping you run your business effectively and ensure that all accounting information is in order, making tax season just a bit less stressful. The right bookkeeper can even help with financial planning and analysis services with the right FP&A software.

Your bookkeeping virtual assistant can support your business with:

  • Creating financial reports
  • Managing cash flows
  • Performing FP&A
  • Managing your accounts payable and receivable
  • Invoicing clients
  • Preparing balance sheets or P&L statements
  • Reconciling bank and credit card statements
  • Preparing general ledgers
  • Mailing payment reminders
  • Mailing tax-related documents to your accountant
  • Reporting sales tax

While not a replacement for an accountant, your virtual bookkeeper can facilitate and expedite accounting tasks.

Virtual Assistant Customer Services

This is perhaps the most common virtual assistant, and certainly one that we’re all familiar with. Virtual assistants for customer service will interact with customers directly, answering their questions and directing them to the relevant area of the website/person in order to achieve a positive outcome. This in turn helps with customer retention, a huge boon to ROI.

Your customer support virtual assistant can support your business with virtual assistant services that include:

  • Answering customer complaints & queries
  • Directing customers towards the relevant resource
  • Retaining customers
  • Performing surveys and gathering customer feedback

Hiring a customer support who works remotely helps cut down on office space costs and other expenses. A customer service virtual support assistant working remotely can accomplish all the above tasks as well or better than an in-person agent, often for less cost.

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Amazon Virtual Assistant Services

If you’re selling products over Amazon, then an Amazon virtual assistant can help you manage that process, removing a lot of the roadblocks and frustrations that can lower businesses’ margins significantly.

Your Amazon virtual assistant can support ecommerce business owners with:

  • Inventory management support
  • Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) management support
  • Editing product photos
  • Entering data into your inventory management software
  • Performing listing optimization
  • Managing customer experiences

Digital Marketing Virtual Assistant Services

Digital marketing is an industry that has experienced immense growth over the past decades, and especially in the post-pandemic years. With the world essentially shutting down and going fully online for a few years, that accelerated a long trend of marketing happening mainly online.

Your digital marketing virtual assistant can help with:

  • Running email marketing campaigns
  • Helping with marketing project management
  • Social media management and marketing
  • Graphic design
  • Video editing

Both large and small business owners can find value in getting additional marketing help.

Why Choose a Virtual Assistant?

Virtual offices are on the rise. But even though more and more people are working remotely, that doesn’t eliminate the entire administrative burden.

These include:

  • Scheduling meetings
  • Returning or making phone calls
  • Making travel arrangements
  • Making meeting reservations
  • Managing email accounts
  • Managing administrative and scheduling software
  • And more

For many people, working from home necessarily precludes them from having an ‘in-office’ assistant, either due to space constraints or comfort. But with a virtual assistant, you get all the benefits without having to worry about having someone come to your home every day – all while you save on costs and benefit from (usually) higher degrees of directly relevant experience.

Virtual Medical Assistant Services

The Most In-Demand Virtual Assistant Services

Without further ado, here are the most in-demand virtual assistant services available on the market today.

Remote Employee

Remote Employee is a leader in the virtual assistant and business process outsourcing industry. When you hire a virtual assistant through Remote Employee, you’re getting a dedicated commitment to finding the exact right fit for your business. (Out of the hiring pool, only 3% of candidates get recommended for any one position.)

With team members with established experience, Remote Employee offers virtual assistants sought after by leading companies.

Every staff member is fluent in English with a neutral accent, drawing from a cultural dedication to hard work and providing excellent service. When you hire with Remote Employee, you get experienced team members at least 50% less than in-house hires.

From social media management to answering customer questions, virtual assistants provide essential support for your in-house team, including:

  • Data entry
  • Research
  • Providing sales support
  • Providing content
  • Scheduling appointments
  • Listing optimization
  • And much more

Fancy Hands

Fancy Hands is a fast and affordable virtual assistant service that charges by use, though this might not be ideal for those looking to have all their administrative tasks managed. Their virtual assistants handle product research, purchasing, and more, but every request adds to your total cost.

Time etc

Time etc. is known as a virtual assistant service designed for entrepreneurs that charges hourly packages for support needed. Their virtual assistants specialize in data entry, social media, and helping customers with their to-do list, as well as sales administration and marketing administration.


WoodBows is a low-cost-per-hour virtual assistant service, but you do need to purchase larger packages that can potentially go to waste if not used. Their assistants specialize in helping with the real estate space, booking, and email management.

What to Consider

Overall, however, trying to spend hours finding a dependable outsourced virtual assistant has its downsides. 

For example, they may not fully understand your business, leading to a lack of alignment with your company’s goals and culture. The quality of work can be inconsistent, as these assistants juggle multiple clients, and your business might not always be their priority.

In contrast, Remote Employee offers dedicated staff members who become an integral part of your team.

They are committed to your business full-time, ensuring consistency and high-quality work. You get to interview and select candidates, ensuring they align with your business needs and culture. Remote Employee’s staff is also experienced and offers a wide range of expertise across all business areas.

What to Consider When Looking at Offshore Virtual Assistant Services

There are a variety of factors that can help you differentiate between providers, including:

  • Price (naturally)
  • Industry-relevant experience
  • English skills (It’s difficult to perform administrative duties if they don’t understand what you’re saying or vice versa.)
  • Software skills (You may need someone who has experience with design software, specific management software, Google Suite or Microsoft Suite, etc.)
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Virtual Assistant vs. Customer Service

A final important distinction is between a virtual assistant vs. customer service support.

If you need someone to deal directly with customers and answer phone calls, then you’re looking for customer service support.

If you want someone who can be a jack-of-all-trades and handle a variety of administrative tasks in addition to helping out occasionally in other areas, then you’re better off with a virtual assistant.

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Author Bio: Ruffy Galang

CEO and Co-Founder, Remote Employee

Ruffy Galang is a dynamic and forward-thinking leader in the remote work industry, currently serving as the CEO and Co-Founder of Remote Employee. With his leadership beginning in May 2022, Galang has been instrumental in steering the company towards innovative solutions for remote work challenges. His expertise in business development and management, honed over several years, has been pivotal in Remote Employee's growth and success.

In addition to his role at Remote Employee, Ruffy is the Co-Founder and Managing Partner at CORE Solutions since June 2018.

Before founding Remote Employee, Galang had an impressive career at Cloudstaff, where he demonstrated his prowess in business development. He climbed the ranks from Account Manager to Vice President of Business Development, a position he held from January 2020 to October 2021.

With a Master's degree in Business Administration and Management and a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology from Angeles University Foundation, Galang’s solid educational grounding has provided him with a deep understanding of both the technical and managerial aspects of running a successful business in today's digital world.

Ruffy's unique perspective on business is also shaped by his diverse cultural background. Having grown up in the United States until graduating high school, he then moved to the Philippines to pursue his college education. This bicultural experience has equipped him with an in-depth understanding of both Western and Philippine cultures, enabling him to effectively assist clients in creating successful offshore teams that are culturally attuned and efficient.