Hire Accountants and Bookkeepers - For 70% Less - With a Top Offshoring Company

Hire From a Specialized Talent Pool

Choose the very best accountants for your team, thanks to our strict selection process—we only recommend a few team members for each position.

Need to hire someone to take care of basic accounting tasks? Or complex financial analysis? We work to pair you with your ideal candidate.

We Tailor Solutions to Your Business

We take care of it all—from recruitment to screening to onboarding. Your candidate onboards smoothly, and you enjoy stress-free hiring.

Take the Stress Out of Hiring

Build Your Dream Financial Team

Your team members work from a Class A office space with cutting-edge technology, enhancing productivity at all hours.

Our Team Works in a Professional Environment

Build an experienced, educated extension of your accounting team with help from the #4 top BPO with unparalleled staffing solutions and dedication to excellence.

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Hire Remote Accountants and Remote Bookkeepers

“For us, we struggled to grow because it became increasingly difficult to hire the appropriate staff within our budgets. On the flipside, we knew we couldn’t scale without the right resourcing in place. Remote Employee has become a vital part of our growth strategy.”


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Companies That Trust Remote Employee

Stay compliant with local tax laws and regulations when your accountants compile and file tax returns.

Get support for budgeting and forecasting with new staff from Remote Employee—your new team members analyze data and provide valuable insights.

Financial Reporting

Your offshore accountants prepare financial statements, from balance sheets to cash flow statements, providing a clear picture of your company’s finances.

Tax Compliance

Budgeting & Forecasting

Tech-Savvy Bookkeepers

Ledger Maintenance

Accounts Payable

Guarantee the accuracy of your financial data with accounting team members to reconcile your general ledger.

Hire experienced accountants to manage your accounts payable and receivable, including processing invoices, making payments, and tracking outstanding balances.

Keep books fresh and accurate with quality bookkeepers versed in QuickBooks, Sage and other top financial programs.

Hire for These Bookkeeping and Accounting Roles

Getting Started with Remote Employee is Easy


Sign up and tell us about your open positions


We Find Qualified Candidates For You


You Select & Train New Staff

We Handle Payroll, Labor Law, & Taxes

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Reduce Employee Turnover

Reduce your turnover from day one of working with Remote Employee—we have one of the best staff retention rates in the industry.

Why Choose Our Accountants and Bookkeepers?

Scale your accounting team with just one person, or however many team members you need.

Comprehensive Support

Take the stress and hard work out of hiring and build a team that’s dedicated to your business’s success—all while you save up to 70% on labor costs.

Tap Into Value for Your Business

Hire accountants that can handle everything from simple tasks to in-depth forecasting.

Build your accounting team with financial experts dedicated to excellence. We provide access to professional development programs so our team members can upskill.

Select the team members who are the best fit for your business, and train the way you want. You maintain control every step of the way.

Train Your Candidates

Gain Skill Competencies

Professional Development


Why Companies Succeed With Remote Employee

Combined business and outsourcing experience

50 Years

Customer retention rate


Reduction in labor costs

Up to 70%

End Recruiting Headaches with Remote Employee

Save Up to 70% On Labor Costs

Start saving from day one when you build your accountant team with Remote Employee—saving up to 70% over in-house hires.

Being professional starts in the workplace, and that means your team works in a Class A environment with access to cutting-edge technology to improve productivity.

Your Team Works in a Class A Environment

Reduce the costs associated with hiring when you work with a recruiter with one of the top retention rates in the outsourcing industry.

Reduce Your Turnover Rate

Assemble the Perfect Accounting Team

Take all of the stress out of your hiring process. We take care of recruitment, screening, and onboarding.

Your Seamless Hiring Experience Starts Here

Cost-effective, educated, experienced accountants—the right choice for your team, every time, with the #4 BPO out of the top 40.

Hire Remote Financial Professionals

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