Build Your Dream Business Team With Remote Employee

Build Your Team From A Specialized Talent Pool

Choose from a pool of the very best in business talent—we only recommend a select few employees for specific roles.

Hire dedicated, highly educated employees with experience in all facets of business, from data entry to accounting, and save up to 70% on labor costs.

Tap Into Expertise for Up to 70% Less

Need straightforward data entry or need to work with a senior accountant? We’ll pair you with your ideal candidate.

Get Paired With Your Ideal Candidate for Any Industry

Build Your Business Team With Help From One of the Top BPOs

Easily find vetted, qualified employees and reduce your rate of turnover, reducing recruiting and retention costs.

Reduce Employee Turnover With Remote Employee

Build your dream business team with support from one of the leading BPOs and reduce your rate of turnover, all while saving up to 70% on costs.

“For us, we struggled to grow because it became increasingly difficult to hire the appropriate staff within our budgets. On the flipside, we knew we couldn’t scale without the right resourcing in place. Remote Employee has become a vital part of our growth strategy.”

- Simple Connect

Professionalism starts in the office. Our team works from Class A office spaces, enhancing productivity with the latest technology.

Your Team Works in a Professional Environment

Business Process Outsourcing for
Up to 70% Less

Business Process Outsourcing Roles You Can Hire for
With Remote Employee

- SimpleConnect

Hire remote healthcare administrators fast—our team members have experience with billing and insurance processing.

Hire the technical support agents your company needs, while also keeping costs down—our tech-savvy team members are ready to help.

Data Entry

Free up team members to focus on more valuable work when you select detail-oriented data entry specialists with Remote Employee.

Healthcare Administration

Technical Support

Accounting & Bookkeeping

Back Office Support

Customer Service

Easily recruit educated, experienced team members who have experience with tools like call routing software to AI.

Improve customer satisfaction with world-class, experienced customer service personnel fluent in English and dedicated to serving others.

Recruit Filipino talent ranging from brand-new graduates to senior accountants equipped with knowledge of US, UK and Australian tax laws.

Tech-Savvy Team Members

Select from a pool of qualified talent and train them to your exact specifications—so you never need to worry if the job is getting done right.

Why Choose Remote Employee for Your Business Process Outsourcing?

Hire the ideal team that can take care of everything from back-office tasks to knowledge processes.

Gain Skill Competencies

Save your time and effort on hiring while also reducing labor costs.

Unlock Value

Hire employees who’ve been trained and gained experience in a high-quality work environment with professional development programs.

Reduce the costs of turnover with us—we are known to have one of the best staff retention rates in the industry.

Select the team you need and operate the way you want—rely on a dependable offshore team that has robust data security.

Operate the Way You Want

Professional Development Programs

High Staff Retention


How Companies Succeed With Remote Employee

Combined business and recruiting experience

50 Years

Reduction in labor costs

Up to 70%

Customer retention rate


Scale Your Department Quickly With Remote Employee

Build a Successful Business Team

Build your dream business team with support from one of the leading BPOs—our team members are here to support your business.

Access a specialized talent pool filled with the very best in business talent. You’re guaranteed to get the most qualified person for the job.

Tap Into a Specialized Talent Pool

Build your team with a pool of dedicated, educated, and experienced employees for up to 70% less than traditional hiring costs.

Expertise for Less

Build Your Business Team, From Accounting to Data Entry

Your team works from dedicated Class A offices, improving productivity with the latest technology.

Your Team Works in a Class A Office

Your dream business team is ready to help. Recruit excellent team members and start saving with help from a top 5 leading BPO with unparalleled staffing solutions dedicated to quality and excellence.

Reduce your turnover rate with qualified team members recommended as a good fit for your role and business.

Reduce Your Turnover Rate

Let us manage recruitment, screening, and onboarding—your business benefits from a smooth transition for your new hire.

Work With a Seamless Hiring Experience

Your New Team Members Are Waiting

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